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  Taking the whole family on a Passover vacation can be more complicated than it seems. Critical questions often vex parents during the planning stages of the vacation and can sometimes lessen one’s urge to travel in the first place. “It’s too complicated, there are too many decisions, let’s just stay home,” is tempting to say during the initial planning stages. David and Chana Walles, though, tell each of their customers to leave the cumbersome
Negotiating Pesach Program
  How To Score A Deal on a Pesach Program If you have ever shopped for a car, you know the headache I’m talking about. Going from dealership to dealership quoting prices and comparing the sales. Trying to squeeze in any perks such as free oil changes, extra mile allowances, even shaving $20 off your monthly payments feels like a win. You want to walk away knowing you got the best “deal” and the same
Reclining in Ibiza Dear guests, it has been a year and here we are again preparing for Passover, and this time we’re heading to a lovely famous island – Ibiza of the balearic Islands of Spain. Stunning Ibiza has a lot to offer, its location is on a beautiful island amidst secluded bays, lovely sunbathing beaches and breathtaking sunsets. Amazing nature sites and towns, new and old, feature together. The new modern city, has, next
Paris France Passover
All Inclusive Kosher Travel It’s no secret that Millennials are the fastest growing travel demographic, and this holds true within the orthodox, kosher-adhering Millennials seeking likewise luxurious experiences. Be it their instagramming peers posting ultra-luxurious-envy-worthy experiences, orthodox millennials want in. The latest trend amongst the Passover Program industry indicates a growing market towards young families, take a look around the ballroom this year in 2020 and take note of how many party of 4’s there
Passover Programs - Never ending story
The Never-Ending Story Who doesn’t love a great story…the rise of the unlikely hero who we come to love, the fall of the narcissistic villain who we come to despise, the seemingly insurmountable obstacles and challenges, the unexpected twists and turns, and the ultimate resolution and climax! This may be why Passover has become a family favorite holiday for Jews from all walks of life. After all, the primary Mitzvah of Passover is to gather
Freedom - Passover
Free To Be by: Rabbi Robbie Tombosky Not long ago, my filmmaker wife invited me to join her as a ‘plus-one’ to a Hollywood event where a noted Self-help Guru would be presenting her secret formula for manifesting freedom in our lives! I must confess, my most memorable experiences have always been a result of being my wife’s plus-one, so I was pretty enthusiastic about the evening ahead. The timing was perfect too! It was

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