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2025 California Passover Programs

Pesach Programs in California

California Passover Vacations 2025– The most comprehensive guide to Passover Hotels in California.
Pesach 2025 starts at sundown on Saturday, April 12th and ends on Sunday night, April 20, 2025. Check out our Pesach Programs for 2025 around the world.

VIP Kosher Tours 2024 Passover Program in San Diego, California

Pesach Vacation in San Diego, California VIP Kosher Tours Is Hosting its exclusive 31st-year Passover Program in San Diego, California VIP Kosher Tours will be ...
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Ventura, California Passover Program - Gan Eden Pesach

Gan Eden Pesach 2024 Passover Program in Ventura, California

Pesach Program in Ventura, California Gan Eden Pesach Program 2024 in Ventura, California Pesach 2023 at The Pierpont Inn Ventura, California A HISTORIC BOUTIQUE HOTEL ...
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Explore the Best Passover programs in California

Pesach brings many joys and fun times for many families every year and our goal is to help you look for relaxing, inspirational California Pesach Programs, whether they be San Diego, Palm Springs or Los Angeles.

As a few of our California Passover Programs, San Diego Passover Vacations offer a variety of great entertainment and experiences in areas that include Rancho Bernardo and others. Palm Spring Kosher Travel is another example of that have a few Pesach Programs that will make your experience a most memorable one.

Pesach Programs in San Diego

San Diego Jewish Travel has been a prime destination for many Pesach vacationers to attend each year for a wonderful experience. Whether it’s the food, programming, events or classes, everyone who attends San Diego Pesach Programs in either Rancho Bernardo or nearby have a great time. The beachy scenery, the mountains, sunny weather and beautiful hotels make this destination a wonderful Jewish Travel option for folks.

The best kosher food and wine in San Diego and Palm Springs

If you like a luxurious beach or resort in San Diego or breathtaking views of the mountains, you are bound to have a great time with your family and friends.  Kosher food is plentiful and with the amazing chefs who work at these resorts, you will continue to fill your plate with double and triple portions. Many programs are supervised and provide the highest standards of Kashrut and Glatt Kosher standards.

The delicious eloquent wines that come from the best kosher vineyards of California, it truly makes Pesach a wonderful time.

With a warmth of nature and culture around you, one truly gets an upscale experience at a wonderful resort. Without a worry in the world, you can relax, drink some wine, eat delicious food and enjoy the terrific events and programming these California Pesach Programs offer.

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