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Passover Vacations 2020 in Canada – The most comprehensive listings of Passover Hotels in Canada.

Passover in Niagara – Passover in Whistler

Upscale Getaways Pesach Program 2020 in Niagara

Passover Program 2020 in Niagara Upscale Getaways would like to welcome you to a truly Upscale Pesach Experience. At Upscale, we bring you an experience that seamlessly combines the physical with the spiritual. Throughout our 14 years, we have truly developed a reputation for excellence and have become one of the most trusted names in Pesach. The entire Pesach will be spent at the extraordinary White Oaks Resort in Niagara-on-the-Lake. Niagara-on-the-Lake has won numerous awards […]

Pesach On The Mountain 2020 in Whistler, Canada

Welcome to Pesach on the Mountain. For the 9th year, we’re returning to Whistler and will be at the award-winning resort of Whistler Blackcomb to combine a world-renowned Pesach Program with the Five-Star Luxury of The Four Seasons in Whistler.  The Resort The Four Seasons Resort is nestled against the base of Blackcomb Mountain giving you instant access to one of North America’s most well known skiing locations.  Whistler Blackcomb was home to the 2010 […]

Sivan Club Passover Program 2020 in Mont-Tremblant, Canada

Spring Skiing Passover Program 2020 in Canada Sivan club invites you to celebrate Pesach 5780 (Passover Vacation 2020) at newly renovated the luxurious resort “Le Grand Lodge, Mont Tremblant” from, Wednesday, April 8th to Thursday, April 16th 2020. Founded in 1999, the Sivan club has been a result of 20 years of experience in the hotel business and various projects all designed to provide the best possible accommodations for kosher Passover Vacations. The idea of […]

Find amazing Pesach programs in Canada

Do you want to go on a Canada Passover Vacation that is full of amazing kosher food, fun programs and awesome culture?

Canada has all of these to make your Canada Passover Program fun and warm and offers a nice place for Jewish heritage for every Canada kosher traveler.

There are so many instances to make you want to go on a unique Canada Pesach Program experience, and we are sure that you will find amazing and fun programs when searching through our Passover Vacations in this section, for example at Whistler Passover Programs.

Fun Jewish kosher travel, food and entertainment

You can find a nice local Jewish community Whistler pesach programs organized for you by our very own programs that we work with.

If you like spending time outdoors in Niagara Falls, and love great kosher Passover food options and kosher hospitality, then Maple Leaf and Upscale resorts may be the place for you for a Canada Pesach..

The most amazing Pesach Canadian cuisines and pastries are made by the best kosher chefs during your Canada Passover Program for a nice dining experience.

There are Canada Pesach Programs that will be spent at the amazing White Oaks Resort in Niagara-on-the-Lake that has won numerous awards and is widely known as “Canada’s Prettiest Town”.

The White Oaks, which has been rated the #1 conference resort in the country, is one of the only hotels in Canada that can boast prestigious Four Diamond Awards in both dining and accommodations for over 11 years consecutively. This record of excellence is simply unmatched by any other establishment in the country.

The Best Passover Programs in Canada

Please view our best Pesach Vacations and Programs in maple leaf, Niagra Falls and in Whistler as we would love to give you an experience that is unique to your satisfaction.