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The word, “Pesach” has been synonymous with the words “cooking and cleaning” long before “Spring Cleaning” became a catch phrase for Better Home’s & Gardens. Unless cooking and cleaning are therapeutic for you, these Passover preparations can be a daunting task that looms over your head as early as Purim. Thank you Passover Programs, for coming in and turning this holiday into a unique and relaxing experience.

Pesach or Passover, (whichever term your Jewish traditional family uses) is a well known Jewish Holiday, passed down from generation to generation, in fact, it’s one of the few holidays where non observant Jews come together with their families and retell the history with a traditional Seder. Memories come flooding back as they-prepare Charotzet in the same manner they remember their grandmother preparing for the Pesach Seder. The same story, written in the Haggadah, is told year after year, the 4 cups of wine are a staple, and Kedem grape juice always goes on sale beginning in the Spring, in preparation for Passover. Seder Plates have become family heirlooms and make great wedding presents. We burn our chometz, sell chometz and only consume unleavened “bread” for the duration of the Passover holiday. Shmurah Matzah, Manishevitz boxed Matzah, round and square matzahs can be easily found in even the most remote locations. Celebrating our freedom from slavery in Egypt, is a reminder for all Jews how we were enslaved with building pyramids, how we as Jewish people, and a Jewish nation were forced to hide our first born males otherwise they would be cast were into the Nile River. We tell the story of our Exodus so our children are able to know the history of Passover so they can tell their future children and grandchildren. Each item on the Seder plate, from the shank bone to the mahror, are symbolic to what we as a Jewish nation overcame. The bitter herbs dipped in saltwater remind us of our tears during that difficult time. The Passover story and holiday are critical in ensuring our nationality with future generations.

This year in 2022, Pesach begins on April 15, 2022 after sunset and ends on Saturday evening, April 23rd 2022. Passover Programs will begin April 15 2022 if you come a day early or April 14th 2022.

As the number of families who go away for Pesach Programs have increased exponentially over the last 20 years, so have the incredible venues within the US and around the globe. Jewish Travel on Passover Programs is the biggest time of the year that Jewish people Travel at any given time of the year. Passover Listings offers a wide range of Passover Programs 2022, we are the #1 review site in aiding with your decision for the best Pesach Program experiences. Combining our hundreds of candid reviews with our detailed 110 Passover Programs, from North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Israel, and Africa, we provide you with boutique hotels, lavish resorts, quaint hideaways (with prices!) to help you compare programs more efficiently.

We at Passover Listings understand that price matters, the level of Kashrut and Hashgacha, and even who the Rav Hamachsir of your program will be is all included in our Pesach Program listings. Pesach Programs for 2022 are laid out for you down below if you prefer to view all Passover Programs in a linear fashion. Observe Passover 2022 in complete luxury, or in a camping like setting, we have it all! If you’re looking to go away for Passover 2022 but only want to spend the amount you typically spend at the grocery store, there are even community-like smaller programs that are cheaper. Single? No problem…the latest Pesach program trend includes a Shadchan and singles activities. Set yourself up with a bucket list of locations and you can travel the world, with kosher for Pesach once in a lifetime experiences such as, in South Africa, nestled within the mountains and incredible views and tours of the African Safari, all kosher and within a reasonable budget (especially for Passover!). Has the Great Barrier Reef in Australia been on your list of kosher travel? Traveling to Morocco, Spain, Greece, and Italy with 5 star luxurious accommodations and elegant kosher cuisine have been made possible thanks to Pesach Vacations in 2022. Have you ever wanted to indulge in a Kosher bbq overlooking a glacier in the French Alps? Kosher for Passover picnics are even available in Canada’s most coveted ski spot-Whistler Mountain. If you are the warm weather beach goer you have a plethora of options in Cancun, Mexico, the Caribbean, South America and even Asia. While not an anomaly, but a budget friendly and perfect excuse to visit our Holy Land and Jewish State, there are numerous Pesach programs in Israel to explore. If you are celebrating Passover in Israel, the holiday ends a day earlier on the evening of April 22, 2022 which is a Shabbos.

Jews like to eat, that’s no secret. In fact, most of the Jewish holidays revolve around food and of course Passover is no different. The Pesach Programs have stepped up their game and challenge each other with unreal kosher for Pesach pizzas and kosher for Passover pastries that improve year after year. Pesach programs think of everything…going above and beyond and packaging your chol hamoed excursion trips with branded sack bags and kosher for Pesach snacks and meals. 24 hour Passover Tea Rooms are akin to priority airport lounges, but 10 times better. Tea rooms have waffle bars, ice cream bars, carving stations, etc. It’s a popular hangout for any age looking to socialize. We at Passover Listings understand the importance of kashrut and make sure to include all necessary information within our listings. You won’t have to search any further than what we have compiled to see which company or Rabbi will be certifying the Kashrut, including gebokts or non gebrocts, glatt meat, Kitnyot or non- Kitnyot and cholov yisroel.

Some families have been going away to Passover hotels for years, attending the best Pesach Programs in the world. Now more than ever, hard working, younger families are looking to take their children on an all inclusive Passover kosher vacation. Some save up all year to make this a reality. Some spouses book the trip as a surprise gift. Regardless of how you’ve come to the decision of going away to a Passover hotel; one thing is clear. You want to choose the right place that meets your wants, needs and ideal vacation spot to ensure you experience the best Pesach Program experience.

Fortunately, the Pesach Program Hotel industry has grown significantly and has expanded to regions all over the globe. Passover Vacations have become an actual viable way to travel the globe with luxurious accommodations, minyanim and kosher food available in some of the most exotic places in the world. It should be noted that the US offers an incredible assortment of attractive Passover Programs to bring your dream vacation to life. If you are a beach lover, an avid skier, a nature lover, or a globe trekker, there is a Passover vacation made for you. Passover programs will exceed your expectations with world renown speakers and lecturers, ambassadors, famous singers and politicians.

We’ve gathered all the data for your best Pesach Program 2022. We invite you to check off through our filter function, all the amenities you’d anticipate in planning your Passover Vacation. See what comes up as matches of your criteria to get you on your way for the Best Pesach Program ever.

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