Rabbi Uri Pilichowski
Pesach is a fascinating festival and different from the other festivals in so many ways. Although often overlooked, a difference between Pesach and the other festivals is the recital of Hallel. A collection of Psalms, Hallel is a prayer of praise to God. It is recited on all festivals during the morning services of Shacharis. Many communities also recite Hallel on the seder nights on Pesach in the Synagogue, a peculiar recital unique to Pesach.
Burnt Offerings Las Vegas Passover
Passover Every Passover as a child, I would hope to find the “Afikoman”. It was my entire focus. Unfortunately, my brothers only purpose was to terrorize me by making it impossible to find! Without fail, it was not a Seder if I did not end up in tears. This year it will be happy tears as Burnt Offerings will be closed for Passover and I will be in hiding with the Afikoman! Pesach has always
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Coronavirus Impacts Passover Programs Around the World Passoverlistings.com has become the #1 “Pesach Only” Jewish travel website where Pesach travelers can see pricing, details, and reliable reviews on over 150 Pesach programs around the world. Our goal is to continue the transparency and visibility of the Pesach program industry for Pesach customers. We provide an online and social media forum for Passover interested people to ask questions and leave feedback.   Unfortunately, COVID-19, also known as
Table for 2 with Naomi Nachman Passover Listings interview
Table for 2 with Naomi Nachman Episode 223: Fri, 07 Feb 2020 Naomi Nachman is joined by Daniel Schwartz of Passover Listings LLC. Interview starts at 6 minutes into it.
Family Stress?? This Pesach, Learn How to be Free from the Toxic Chometz of Stress 1
Family Stress?? This Pesach, Learn How to be Free from the Toxic Chometz of Stress This Passover travel a path of inner emancipation that you and your children can bring home! Join us for Passover in Costa Rica at an entirely kosher Beach resort! Wednesday April 8th – Thursday April 16th (with an optional post Yom Tov – Shabbos in San Jose) Costa Rica Kosher Adventures is bringing a very special Pesach experience, combining every
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Epic Passover Features an A-List of Lecturers and Entertainers   The epic Passover Getaway in Pine Mountain, Georgia, is going to be something truly spectacular! From the views, nature, luxury resort, Five Star cuisine, stellar children’s program, on-site activities and nearby attractions, it is  something unique and awesome on all levels!   What we want to focus on today is the phenomenal line-up of entertainers and lecturers that will grace this program. A beautiful mix