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Arieh Wagner of Starguest Pesach Program in Switzerland
Passover Listings Interview with Arieh Wagner of Starguest Pesach Program in Switzerland   Starguest Pesach Program in Switzerland
Passover Listings Cleaning Playlist Passover is approaching, you know what that means. Time to clean! But it can get boring, which is why we made our own Passover Listings cleaning playlist on Spotify to make the process more enjoyable. Either plug in your headphones or connect your phone to a speaker and enjoy Jewish and Israeli tunes! The cleaning will go by much faster, and you’ll be left with a good mood!   https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6uUfNaPPVRCb805u2kmRbS?si=kLhYqzUvRqe1F7c9SlBbZw  
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The Ultimate Passover Cleaning Checklist Passover is coming up. We don’t mean to stress you out, rather we want to help you. If you are going to a Passover program, there are less things that you need to clean and take care of. If you’re staying home this year, then there are much more things to do. Follow this checklist to ensure that everything is done before Passover begins. Keep in mind that everyone has
The Ultimate Packing List for Your Passover Program Stay Each person packs differently, let’s just start with that. Some people don’t want to wear the same clothing twice and some people shop for necessities when they’re on vacation. It all depends on the type of person you are and which location the Pesach program is in. Listed below are some packing suggestions to ensure a smooth and enjoyable 2024 Passover Program vacation. Happy and safe
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How to Make The Passover Seder Night Fun for Kids   Seder night is different for each family, whether you have little children at home, an empty nester, have guests, go over other people, or on a Passover program. We all know that children look forward to Passover for the seder night. Children prepare and learn about Pesach in school for typically a whole month in advance. Their teachers will go over the Haggadah with
Fighting Anti-Semitism Together With Abraham Hamra

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