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  Taking the whole family on a Passover vacation can be more complicated than it seems. Critical questions often vex parents during the planning stages of the vacation and can sometimes lessen one’s urge to travel in the first place. “It’s too complicated, there are too many decisions, let’s just stay home,” is tempting to say during the initial planning stages. David and Chana Walles, though, tell each of their customers to leave the cumbersome […]

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All Inclusive Kosher Travel It’s no secret that Millennials are the fastest growing travel demographic, and this holds true within the orthodox, kosher-adhering Millennials seeking likewise luxurious experiences. Be it their instagramming peers posting ultra-luxurious-envy-worthy experiences, orthodox millennials want in. The latest trend amongst the Passover Program industry indicates a growing market towards young families, take a look around the ballroom this year in 2020 and take note of how many party of 4’s there […]

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