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The Ultimate Guide to Afikomen Gift Ideas You’ve been waiting for this part to come. Now is the time to prepare for it and do the shopping. Each year, the afikomen is hidden either by adult or child, it depends on the family’s custom. Whoever finds the afikomen, gets a prize! It can be something small or big, depending on how old the child/adult is and each family’s traditions. Continue reading for some ideas on
The Top 3 Places to Hide the Passover Afikomen One of the best parts of Pesach the seder is when either the children or the adults hide the afikomen. It depends on each family’s customs, but either the child hides the afikomen or the adult does. Some family’s reward the adult or child who finds the afikomen with a prize or a gift. In this blog, I will provide the top three strategic places to
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How to Make Cleaning for Passover Enjoyable This is something that most people dread each year. The cleaning, dusting, rearranging furniture, vacuuming, making the kitchen kosher, switching over to Pesach dishes, cooking, cleaning, storing, more cooking, washing the dishes, serving, hosting, leading, singing, more cooking, more cleaning, and so on. If you are not in the financial situation to go on a Passover program this year, know that you are not alone. You still deserve
Talking Rap Classes, Thailand, Quebec, and Skiing and Rapping This Passover With KoshaDillz
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Where To Look for Kosher for Passover Recipes Each family has their own prized recipe when it comes to cooking for Passover. For some it’s their mother’s charoset recipe, lemon meringue pie, or matzo farfel. Each of these foods transport us to when we were children in our parents’ home or beautiful memories that are created each Passover. No matter what we do, we cannot perfectly emulate the recipe that our loved ones originally made.
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Where to Clothing Shop for Passover Disclaimer, most participants that attend Passover programs usually pack extra pairs of larger fitting clothing to ensure optimal comfort during their stay. We are warning you now that most Passover program travelers advise others to bring loose fitting clothing or clothing that will stretch with you. Why? We’re sure you know the answer to that.   The food that you will consume at a Pesach program is like no

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