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Author: Very Early Bookers from NJ


Very Early Bookers from NJ

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Loved it. Second year and looking forward to 2025 !

Took a chance with them in 2023, had a fabulous time. There wasn't anything we requested that Channie would not take care of either personally or find the right person to get it done....and right away too. before you arrive. Channie is one of the many gems of the program, which actually has so many smiling, very helpful people (to the last day of Pesach). They see you and look right at you, not the other way as we've seen at more than one or two other programs once you have booked. Just sorry they don't have more programs throughout the year. Oh, and we always make new friends even though we might seen them only on Pesach, we all remember each other and try to at least email during the year to make sure they all will return. Too bad the hotel regular staff does not have the professionalism and pride in their performance as The Pesach Experience. There are always a few things which go wrong that are the hotel's responsibilities which they insist on not taking care of (after telling you they will get right to it). The only problem with the great caterer Chap-A-Nosh is that their portions are always TOO large !! Again, 100%+ for The Pesach Experience, which is the reason to follow them wherever they go, not the hotel.

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