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An amazing Pesach program

We had the privilege of attending the Pesach 2019 program with Kosher Travelers at Hacienda. I would rate it a "5-star" experience! The top 3 features for me and my husband were: the scholar-in-residence, Rabbi Moshe Taragin, who didn't cease to amaze us with his incredible shiurim; the Tfilot and general Ruach/Avirah the entire Chag; and last but not least - the delicious and plentiful food throughout the Chag (all 8 days! since Chag last year ended on a Friday and was followed by Shabbat). Hacienda is also located in a great area of Israel where one can experience a lot of fun activities and every night Kosher Travelers provided a different entertaining program and/or a movie. There was never a shortage of what to do. Highly recommended!

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