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It was a wonderful experience

We joined the Agudas Achim Pesach Resort for the last days of Yom Tov, as we wanted to be with our children at their home for the Seders.. We had an excellent time at the Retreat. We were received with wonderful warmth, from the point of checking in to the departure we were surrounded by excellent service from all the people working at the hotel. The food was excellent, plentiful and delicious. The atmosphere during the Seudot was very family oriented and yet was filled with Zemirot. The feel of the Seudot was in keeping with the Shabbos and Yom Tov Spirit. And the food as mentioned was delicious and plentiful. The wait staff and all the other staff in the kitchen served us with a smile. The Davening was at a very nice serious level. There speed of davening was fine, there was hardly any noise from anyone during the davening and the Yom Tov and Shabbos Niggunim were sung with great devotion and feeling. It was actually quite surprisingly good. Rabbi Laibel Scheinbaum would give over Divrei Torah that was to the point and effective. I was impressed with how well everything moved along. I couldn't have asked for more or better. We would definitely return next year and would strongly recommend people who are thinking of plans for next years Pesach, to investigate this particular program. It was that good, that much fun, with an excellent blend of Yiras Shamayim and Simcha's Yom Tov/Shabbos.

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