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An amazing local program for the entire family

The Gross and Schechter Pesach program is really amazing. The hotel is great, nice and spacious rooms for everyone's "stuff" and plenty of connecting rooms. The program is run so well and has something for everyone. The day camp for the little ones is beyond amazing. Besides for the amazing hours (they even have night camp!) they have programs for all the children in camp, from breakfast until right before dinner. They even serve the kids lunch in the children dinning room! The teen program is also great, they go on great local trips during chol hamoed. They have scholar in residence for adults, special programs such as cooking demonstrations, wine tasting and questions and answer with the Rabbis. The food is plentiful and delicious, three gourmet meals plus the tea-room open with yummy snacks and food throughout the day!! It is also convienently located for those who need to work on chol hamoed. The hotel has great amenities- indoor pool, gym, outdoor pool to sit by and relax, walking paths and outdoor tennis courts. Sit back and relax and enjoy Pesach with Gross and schechter!! A real vacation for everyone!!

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