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a real let down.

We have been with tour plus before and so we expected excellence. This was mediocre at best. The program was catered to only the Israelis present although many were not Hebrew speaking. As soon as we got there our room was not ready And it took us three times going up and down nine floors over three hours for our kids beds to arrive. Food was okish,no variety and very school dinner like, There were problems with kashrut too, sat down at our Seder with the hotels own salt and pepper on the table. Hotel staff were very disorganised and overwhelmed, we were served liver for dessert on the first night and we waited a long time between courses which were often cold. Beautiful hotel but the Israelis ( and I say this kindly) have no respect for other ppls property and the place was left embarrassingly trashed. They were loud and there were fights which led two very elderly european couples to leave one meal mid way because they were so disrespected. All entertainment was in Hebrew, schedules were constantly changed for minyanim etc... the staff were completely overwhelmed and tried their best but there were too many ppl for them to handle. On the plus Croatia is beautiful, Dubrovnik was fascinating and the couple who ran the kids club were really lovely.

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