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We were all really looking forward to this program and unfortunately program was unprofessional and disorganized and did not fill our expectations.. Hotel had been closed since hurricane maria and opened up unprepared, disorganized and not ready for such an important chag for a large group of 900 people. Food was good on some days and repetitive on others . During breakfast birds came non stop coming to eat off the buffet and tables no proper supervision . Lots of confusion during the seder nights. No menu, Servers were unprepared and most didn't speak English. Hotel had many problems including pluming and housekeeping issues and lack of supplies. Tea room was a joke candy room was awful and messy with repetitive snacks .. We thought this program would be upscale it was not. The nightly acts were top notch . The property was gorgeous even though it was partially unfinished. The beach was a major disappointment had beds of grass and pebbles. The daily trips were great. Overall the weather was great ,to many people and a lack of organization. We will not be going back..

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