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What an Amazing Pesach Experience at Oceans Resort !!!!!

Our family of 10 joined Leaisure Time Tours' Pesach program 2023 at Oceans Place Resort and Spa in Long Branch and we had a WONDERFUL time. Every aspect from planning, to food, service, camps, and programs were great! Matty, who was the program director was so easy to work with. We got the rooms we wanted, the dining room location we wanted, everything I had asked for! Marla was in charge of the food/dining rooms and she just nailed it!!!! The food was abundant, healthy and fresh. There were such wonderful food options. There was an omlet station, sable, white fish, salmon and fruit for breakfast. Lunch had many salad choices, fresh soup choices, as well as fish that was fresh and well made. There was even Ahi Tuna steaks, chilean sea bass, roasted veggies at all meals. My daughter loved the Ahi Tuna steaks and the chef made it for her any meal she wanted it even when it wasn't on the menu. Dinners had excellent appetizers, soups, and choices of meat (prime rib, short ribs, steaks..) chicken (capons, cornish hens...), and fish (bronzino, sea bass...), and a vegan option ( the portebello mushrroms were excellent). Meals were served with roasted vegetables like aspargus, brocolli, potatoes.The deserts were excellent and artisen and there were always fruit options. Marls spent an enormous amount of time refining the menu to make sure the food was healthy, fresh, and very tasty!! The coffee and slushy stations were lovely. The servers and all the Leisure time tour staff were so kind, available and helpful! For example, I can't eat dairy and every meal my server gave me a list of the options that didn't have dairy so I could eat it. My granddaughter wanted french fries almost every meal so when we came to the table there was always a plate of french fries waiting for her! As for the camps well, Ally nailed it. The counselors were wonderful. The camp program was wonderful! My grandkids loved going to camp which gave us relaxing mornings and afternoons. The exercise program designed by Marla were great to attend. The lecturers were knowledgeable and the lecture topics interesting. The tea room was clean and always had healthy food options. The Leisure Time Tour staff took care of everything even providing the most amazing weather. We were in a resort on the beach in Long Branch and chol Hamoed and the last days were 75-88 degrees. My family was able to walk the beach, play in the sand, and even get their feet wet! Kudos Matty and Marla!! One last memory. I was outside laying on a lounge chair reading on chol hamoed. It was sunny and 80 degrees. I started to get hot and wanted to go inside to get something to cool me off. I started to get off the chair, looked up, and low and behold, there were servers walking around handing out lemon sorbets that were set in lemons! They handed me a sorbet and I proceeded to put my feet back on the chair and continued reading. That was awesome.!Thank you Matty, Marla, and Ally and the whole staff from Leisure Time Tours for putting together such a wonderful Pesach Program for me, my family, and the thousand of other participants!!!

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