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Our first Passover program

First, I have no other experience to compare this program to as this was our family's first . It would also not be fair to compare the experience to being home for Passover. We travel a lot and have been to Mexico many times and even to the same area as this program, so any tours in the area would not be new to us. I can comment on the hotel and the program itself. I am sure that I have not and will not ever be at a Kosher program with better cuisine than we experienced. The main chef, Rogoff , somehow pulled off the most elegant dinners for 7-800 people nightly with exquisite courses from appetizers to desserts that looked and tasted like they had just been prepared minutes earlier ( every time!). Weekday dinners were all themed amazingly and although buffet in style, offered almost every type of food you could imagine, superbly prepared and presented. The pastry chefs prepared desserts every day in endless quantity that would rival any top patisserie. It was hard to believe it was all non-gebroks. Every day and almost all day long , there was a meat grill restaurant open , a dairy restaurant almost the whole morning and pizza and sushi stations always available, if you wanted. That was just the food! There were free daily tours available as well as every night Vegas level adult entertainment. The children ( of all ages) had all day long camp and other activities available as well as night time babysitters ( all the most educated locals women) if needed. ( ours was a local naturopathic physician). As to the hotel, this Hyatt was very beautiful and just big enough for all of us. The rooms were large for hotel rooms and very modern. The gym was excellent as were the gym classes available. There were many pools to use so it did not seem crowded. Beachside lounges and cabanas were always available. Most impressive was the large amount of hotel staff always in attendance. They were unusually attentive, friendly and helpful. Food and drink were at your fingertips anytime you desired. Whole pineapples and coconuts delivered to your chair in a minute. I cannot extol the staff enough and I usually do not like to stay in hotels. lastly , I must say that this was a Passover program and not a Pesach program. If you want ruchnius in your Pesach, modern programs like this are not suitable.

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