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great pesach

Kosherica at the Bonaventure was a wonderful Pesach Vacation . We truly enjoyed our pesach and look forward to going back. The food catered by Foremost Ram was varied and delicious all around. Breakfast had all the best freshest fishes,salalds,cheeses, yogurts and cereals and egg/omelet stations. Lunches were varied with multiple hot dishes and usual salads and desserts. Afternoon pool side BBQ was amazing,run by the Backyard BBQ pit boss, and besides athe usual franks,suaseges,hamburgers and chicken they rotated Ribs,Steaks,Veal and Lamb. The tea room during the day was ok, nothing amazing or over the top but all the basics. The post nightly entertainment tea room stepped it up with an open bar and hot dessert stations. Dinner was plated almost every night with a meat,chicken,fish,vegetarian and childrens main option. The speakers were all very good and varied. The entertainment was amazing probably the best ive ever experienced. Gad Elbaz Mordechai shapiro, Eric Wilzig-magician, mantalist,and two diff comedians. They also have a casino night and escape rooms setup. I dont have young kids but I saw the kids programming was also constant and varied and over the top. The hotel itself is a a mixed bag. The lobby and meeting areas and pool area are among the best. The actual hotel rooms are a step down and need a some fixings. They were not bad by anymeans they are mostly dated. Bedding was upgraded is very good. Also the hotel staff was lacking in attentiveness. Many rooms ran out of towels and werent replaced quickly when you called the front desk and the hotel cots are miserable. A hotel of this caliber should have moveable beds not flimsy army cots. Also housekeeping was lacking as they never showed up on a schedule, they came at all times of the day. Lastly the pool was really nice but was short on lounges and many ppl got into verbal fights over the many ppl who thought it was their g-d given right to reserve prime lounges at 7 am and not show up for 4 hours. The Kosherica booklet stated that reserving chairs and not using them for more an hour at a time is not acceptable but no one was around to enforce the rules and the pool boy when questioned about said"I dont want to get into an argument with anyone". So in summary I repeat everything Kosherica/Foremost Ram did was terriific and really great. I hope the hotel itself will take our comments to upgrade there staff training , get more towels to cover large crowd, replace the terrible cot beds and fix the little annoying issues in a lot of the guest rooms. IMHO these are small very fixable issues. Kosherica hit a home run here so hopefully the hotel will step it up also.

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