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The Best Overall Pesach Experience.

Our Pesach 2019 experience with Upscale Getaways has to be rated 5 Stars. First of all working with Ben to get all 14 of my family accommodated in the White Oak Hotel was as pleasurable experience. The team that manages this program is incredibly engaging, honest, and communicative. I must say that being able to get my children and 8 grandchildren away for Pesach was a bit of a coordinating challenge because each one had their own personal requirements relating to beds, food, and activities. Ages of the kids ranged from 11 months to 21 years. Ben and Dov worked with us to make sure we were all suitably placed in rooms that worked great. Now for the hotel itself and their staff. I must say being a globe trotter and having stayed in some of the worlds best hotels the White Oak was a complete surprise, in a great way. The staff is incredible, always smiling, instantly responsive to any request. This has to be the cleanest hotel I have ever experienced, competes with Japanese hotels. The sports facilities are comprehensive and vast. Tennis, Raquel Ball, professional gym, spa, you name it. I believe they built the sports facility first and added the hotel. The hotel is located not far from The Falls and the town of Niagra on the Lake. A very nice and approachable little town with beautiful scenery of the Lake. The best part of the hotel location, at least if you ask my granddaughters is that directly across the street there is an immense shopping mall, actually it’s a factory outlet with major high end brands. Now for the really important stuff. The food! Nothing short of world class. From unlimited beverages, wine, and Shmurah matzoh all week long to choice of main dishes, vegan options or vegetarian. Each meal was above and beyond what you would expect from the scale of the crowd. Totally delicious, served graciously by an amazing wait staff. The menu each day was different my family was very impressed and excited each and every day with meal time. By the way I should mention that breakfast was also amazing from cold item choices, to warm and cooked items during chal hamoed. You never felt crowded or had to wait on long lines to be served. The davening was also very pleasing and anyone could feel comfortable with the nuschot and the Baalbek tefilot. The program staff and speakers were also top notch, entertaining and informative. Excursions were available for all ages. There was lots to keep you busy during the day. Box lunches were always available for day trips. Busses transported to event venues. Coordination and administrative staff were just amazing and it must be stated that they were the linchpin of the program that made it work. You don’t have to go to Thailand, Portugal, or Italy to have a 5 Star experience, Upscale Getaways was just perfect. My family wants to know if we can dot again in 2020?

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