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Fantastic Pesach in unique location

The hotel and staff did more than could have been expected for all of us. Beautiful hotel and location on the Atlantic Ocean. Windy and cool but still nice. This was a large program with 850+ people, and except in the big dining room,,you'd never know it. There was never an issue with service as the HOTEL (not the program helpers) was so well staffed. NO SHABBOS KEYS to rooms and little help to get in. . Lots of food for every taste, but sometimes, you had no idea what was coming or what the main course would be.....THE WINE WAS JUST AWFUL If you go to this program and you care about wine, pack your own as you wont want to drink their junk at all. Tea Room was also the breakfast room. Watching people take too much food was sad, especially on trip days when you had to figure out how to take your food for the day... Program staff was not particularly well organized, but the hotel staff more than made up for it. Nice gym and spa. People actually bought boxes of the towels as they were so great. Shirum were few and regular vacationers made up the entire davenig program which was split for Sefard and Askenaz. (maybe a few other splits too for syrians, israelis and who ever else made a break away minyan). The last night party - Moroccan Mimuna was just remarkable. More food, more entertainment, more noise and animals all over than you could imagine. Great excursions - best done in private groups as they are long days. Id go back to Mazagan and Morocco anytime!!!

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