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This program was phenomenal in every respect. The location was beautiful, the resort had so many free activities on site (snorkeling, kayaking, boating, multiple water parks) and the day camp was great too, there was also a built in option of having a sitter each night for a small fee which we really appreciated. The food was plentiful and delicious and there were a lot of healthy options including a massive build your own salad bar with various greens, grilled veggies, and proteins. Every day there were both dairy or meat options for lunch. The dairy lunch was served in the grand ballroom where breakfast and dinner was also served, but the program also took over a restaurant overlooking the pools and beach where there was a massive meat buffet opened each day from 1:00-5:00. We had lunch there every day, right after we spent the morning swimming and ate overlooking the ocean.. we appreciated not having to shlep back to the convention center for lunch and often we would eat lunch and then swim again and do an early dinner there too. The options changed every day- different meats and fish, creative salads and side dishes a huge candy bar for the kids, a fabulous drink bar. One other perk we loved was that there was an unlimited kosher for pesach bar right in the pool area so you did not have to go back to the convention center for lunch, or a nice cocktail. They also had a coffee station, unlimited popsicles, snacks and drinks set up in the hotel lobby, so you didn’t have to go back to the convention center for snacks or a drink. Having easy access to coffee first thing in the AM or snacks mid day without having to walk anywhere was a huge plus. The program was very, very well staffed and everyone from the wait staff, to the program hosts, were attentive and responsive. The crowd is very diverse, leaning toward very modern with a handful of yeshuvishe families sprinkled in. It was the nicest crowd of people. Very friendly, very easygoing, a really fun crowd. This was our first year going away and we were blown away and would highly recommend- especially if you have kids! Also- the resort has beautiful, wild peacocks. My kids were obsessed!

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