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This is the program to go to if you are looking for perfection. This is the program to go to if you're looking for an exotic beach, endless family activities, a phenomenal day camp, and a romantic setting. This is the program to go to if you don't like waiting in lines for food, (seriously impressed with "our people", specifically referring to no one pushing or cutting in line like it was post Tisha b'Av fast). This is a program for anyone who is Jewish, whether they wear a black hat or a beach hat...it's a completely judgement free zone (although I do think my waiter may have been judging my lack of portion control). He didn't explicitly say so, but then again there was a language barrier between us so he may have. This is a program where your Dominican waiters are enthusiastically celebrating Israel with you as they wave Israeli flags and dance to "Am Yisroel Chai". Logistics: The program operator, Avrumy Jordan has perfected the system. Everything runs on schedule, food stations are strategically designed to flow (I never had to wait throughout the 120 meals during the 10 day holiday). Given the resort is massive, he had positioned bars, snacks, and an ocean view restaurant (that has everything you could possibly crave) throughout the property so you have easy access. There is not a wrapper to be found, everything was clean and refilled promptly. From arrival through departure every aspect of our trip was carefully thought out and executed with precision and with pleasure. Food: Everything was presented beautifully and was appetizing, amazing, and abundant. Resort: Invest in a good pair of walking shoes, it's like a junior Disneyland, they even have a trolley should you desire to start your day at a water park, then swim with the dolphins, move on to play a round of golf, or go bowling, shopping, then go for a swim in one of their 5? pools (I lost count), head on over to the beach, and if you'd like, end your day off at the casino that includes a kosher for pesach bar. Beach: Breathtaking, warm, calm waters, lifeguards, free water sports. Program: Joel doesn't go light on meat, day camp, and entertainment. I wouldn't say he goes light on any aspect of the program, but it's clear those 3 are critical to him. The meat was really good quality meat, unlike we have ever had. When it came to entertainment, it wasn't about who the hottest musician was, it was about who would bring the right energy to the program. While my son only went to day camp on the last day, I observed the counselors and they were very responsible, kind, and full of spirit. Joel knows what he is doing, fiscally speaking, in keeping the price fair for the consumer, and wisely spending where it counts. Overall I would highly recommend this program for anyone with high expectations, anyone looking for a good time, and for anyone looking for a solid value.

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