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Very good marketing did not live up to it

Transportation 8 Check in 8 Hotel and property 8 Accommodation & rooms 8 Hotel service 7 Program upper management hospitality and availability to guests 6 Breakfast 6 cafeteria quality buffet very repetitive limited vegetarian options Lunch BBQ 7 very limited vegetarian options run by unprofessional staff Daily dinners 7 buffet style very repetitive typically leftovers not cooked properly not seasoned properly typically not right temp. Many carving stations limited vegetarian options. First night BBQ 5 poor planning ambiance was nice food not cooked, very disorganized, long waits to get food, vegetarian options were good that night but you could not see what was being offered too dark. Seders 8 Desserts 9 very good gourmet quality not repetitive abundance Alcohol 8 abundance Nightly entertainment 9 very good Tea room 6 limited hours, small room not pleasant, drop the ball on this, found ourselves hungry late night with limited options. Mainly sweets MC Meir Kay 9 Nightly late night singer and cigar event 8 Daily planned hotel activities 5 .....days seemed very repetitive at times boring Royal Passover spends a lot of money on marketing. They make it look very high end. The resort lived up to it. The quality of the food was not on par with other high end programs that I have been to. They did not have quality control in place when it came to service, hospitality, and food quality. They had an abundance of food, but they did not do a good job to make sure that the food was cooked properly, seasoned properly, served at the right temp, and available to guests without an anxiety to get the food. It also seemed that there were VIP guests that got special treatment over others. Not sure how one becomes a VIP...

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