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I finally found my Pesach Program!!

I don't usually take the time to review things- life is hectic, but this program is worth taking time out to review. My family and I have been on a few higher end Pesach programs but upscale getaways was able to take the best part of all the programs we have tried and put the best together into one absolutely incredible program- by far better than all others we have been on. Firstly, the people running the program are out front and center at all times making sure everything runs smoothly and insuring a great smooth program. The setting is incredible - the weather is unbeatable and the grounds provide something for everyone and really caters to a diverse crowd including family pool, separate swimming pool and adult pool - that alone demonstrates the inclusive and welcoming nature of this program. The grounds are sprawling and so relaxing! The kids program: all I have to say is that all my kids were counting down the minutes until camp started everyday. From my 6 year old to my 16 year old they all had a great time and met so many new friends from all over!! Just to give an example of how awesome it was- on the first day of chol hamoed my kids came running to lunch with camp T-shirts and said we need to go- I had no idea what they were referring to- well lo and behold 4 huge party busses pull up in front of the hotel and take each of my kids on different trips with camp and my husband and I alone to relax and read by the adult pool with mixed drinks and BBQ! The adult programs: There was constant programs every night of chol hamoed- so many different choices for all different interests- and because of that- nothing was too crowded- and the variety of interests that were catered to was unbelievable- at the same time you could choose from fire and soul acoustic concert with shlomo katz and Yehuda Solomon or an indoor roller skating 80's night! The only "problem" was that there was not enough time to do everything! Another big difference between this program and previous ones was that I used to think a great program was one where my kids went to camp on yom tov and I got to sleep. On this program my kids went to camp but there were so many interesting lectures for the adults that there was no time for sleep- between Ben Shapiro, Shlomo Katz, Ami Horowitz, Dennis Prager- sleeping felt like a waste of time! Now for Yom Tov- there have been times that we have gone on programs and although it was a physically beautiful setting with kids activities it just did not feel like yuntif- that was not the case on this program. The davening was beautiful, the people who attended the program were so friendly that I found myself shmoozing at the kiddushim with new people everyday. The shiurim were so intersting, And the feeling on the property was that everyone was there to enjoy Yuntif together. To summarize- My entire family enjoyed this program and I felt well fed, intellectually stimulated, spiritually uplifted and super relaxed!! You could not do better!!!

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