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We have been enjoying Upscale Getaways in San Diego for many years. The first impressions are always important and the customer service on the phone and by email is impeccable. We attended the first time when a program we had booked cancelled and we had to find another. When we called to book, we were intrigued. When we arrived at the resort, we were greeted by hotel attendants as well as representatives from Upscale. There was water and juice available outside to relieve our thirst from travel. Immediately, check-in went smoothly, our rooms were huge, clean, and more than comfortable with a balcony and chairs for relaxation. Food was available immediately - but not just any food - we had a late luncheon feast. Much to our surprise, food continued to be the most incredible feast each and every meal. There is an afternoon snack bar-b-que feast in case you could possibly be hungry after breakfast, Kiddush, lunch, Tea Room (where there are treats and snacks beyond belief), bar-b-que, and dinner. All food is amazing with lamb chops, steaks, chicken, roasts, slicing bar, sushi, to name a few things. Of course the Kashrut is impeccable. The mix of people is perfect. Everyone is respectful of everyone else. The entertainment and daily activities leave nothing to be desired from games for every age, painting, music, and everything in between. We are well taken care of from morning until night. That includes the various speakers who keep us educated, thinking, and/or amused. We are more than happy with the program and have continued coming back. We know we could never match Upscale Getaways anywhere and won't even try.

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