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This is not an actual quote. This pricing is meant to be directional and does not take into account discount pricing. This Pricing Tool is based on rooms of double occupancy and 4 people maximum in each room. If you would like to change this, please reach out to program owner directly on passoverlistings.com

Pesach Program Pricing: Knowing what various Passover Programs Cost

Passover programs are a great way to enjoy the holiday with your family and friends. You can choose from a variety of destinations and experiences that suit your preferences and budget. However, you may wonder how much Passover programs cost and what factors affect the pricing.

Including the location of the Pesach program. A Passover program in an exotic location like Morocco or Dubai may cost more than one in a more familiar place like Israel because of the higher demand.
The quality of the hotel, the size and the amenities of the hotel will affect the price of the Passover program. A five-star hotel with spacious rooms, luxurious facilities and excellent service will cost more than a three-star hotel with basic rooms, limited facilities and average service.

A Passover program that provides gourmet meals, lavish buffets, snacks and drinks throughout the day will cost more than a Passover program that provides simple meals, limited buffets, no snacks and water only. A Pesach program that follows strict standards of kashrut will cost more than ones that do not. The type and amount of entertainment and activities offered by the Passover program will also affect the price. A Passover program that provides live shows, concerts, lectures, workshops, tours and excursions will cost more than a Passover program that provides minimal entertainment and activities.

As you can see, there are many factors that determine how much Passover programs cost. Therefore, it is important to compare different Passover programs carefully and consider what you are getting for your money. You can use Passover Listings to find updated information about Pesach programs for 2024 and compare prices, locations, hotels, food, kashrut supervision, entertainment and activities. We hope this helps you find the best Passover program for you and your family.

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