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jonathn 2 Reviews
The best vacation we have had in the past

We were there last Passover and it was amazing. The food was excellent. Every meal was something different. I especially liked the meat on the grill. I didn't stop eating. There was a delicacy. The cakes were amazing. The fruit was excellent. Everything I asked for from the CEO I received. Always with a big smile. My wife and I were sitting in the lobby at 2 am. There was wine and Coca Cola and cakes and fruit. The kids didn't want to go home. Thanks to General Manager Aharon.  We are going back there this year as well.  Also - my wife's parents and my two brothers. They too want to have fun like us. See you at Passover in Pattaya.

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jonathn 2 Reviews
It was a very special vacation

Perfect hotel. Great atmosphere. Excellent food. Lots of music. They managed to surprise us with the fireworks. With Thai fire performances. It was very special. This time I'm taking a suite.

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