10 reasons Passover Getaway 2020 Will Be So Epic! Pesach programs are on everyone’s minds, and there are many options out there, each with their own feel and style. One program stands out as a totally epic experience on all fronts. That program, of course, is Passover Getaway, which has taken Pesach to a whole new level, from start to finish. There are many reasons to be a part of this epic program, but the […]

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Why Go Away For Pesach? When did going away for Pesach become a thing? Does going away for Pesach in this day and age define your income status? Which came first; the market demand, or the industry luring guests in? I’ve always pondered that question but Pesach programs outdate me. Considering that making Passover is the biggest imposition out of all the Jewish holidays, I can understand the current price point programs set. It’s not […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing A Pesach Program in Israel   Nowadays it’s possible to celebrate Pesach in exotic and far-flung destinations such as Thailand or China; or any number of destinations across Europe such as Greece, Spain, France or Italy.  However for many, Pesach in Israel remains a steadfast minhag (custom), and for good reason.   Pesach is a beautiful time of year to be in Israel, and with annual record-breaking tourist levels (up […]

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