Pesach Vacation 2020

Passover 2020 Hotel Mazagan Beach Resort 5***** Luxury El Jadida – Morocco
Glatt Kosher – Orthodox Supervision – No Kitniyot

The Kashrut

Under the strict supervision of Rabbi Yaacov Levy Dayan from the Kehilat Beth Rambam of Montreal and former Chief rabbi of Geneva with the reinforcement of Chomrim of France and Israel
We have ensured a LAMÉHADRINE Kashrut since the beginning of the preparations. We pay special attention to the strict observance of Kashrut.



A great moment of happiness with the most beautiful voices of our Hazanims: Alain Bohbot and other surprising talents…



During HOL HAMOED, dinners will be animated by an orchestra and a show.
This year’s program: Maxime Karoutchi, Alain Bohbot, Yossi Bayles etc.
Between Minha and Arvit a number of speakers will deal with the themes of Passover.- Galouth, Exile – Gueoula and deliverance – slavery ….



A chiour of Gemara or on the Sidra is organized daily before Mimha.
Possibility to book the excursions in private. Reservations must be made in advance.
In the beautiful Doukhala lounges of the conference center of Mazagan Beach Resort, your beautiful table awaits you, installed with the ones you love. Boys and butlers are at your disposal for unforgettable experience. You can make your Seder with your family at your own pace in a dedicated space. You can make a request when booking your stay, or if you wish, for a participation, we can book you a private room for your Seder.
Breakfast is served daily from 8am to 10:45 in the form of an Israeli buffet. Great variety of freshly squeezed fruit juices, Moroccan pastries and jams, salad buffets, assortment of cheeses, yoghurts, and omelets prepared for order as well as hot dishes.
Aperitifs (Kiddush) holiday days and Sabbath:
At the end of the morning service a copious aperitif is served. The friendliest time is a hand-held glass of Boukha or rosé wine, under a beautiful April sun in the beautiful scenery of the Mazzagan. You will enjoy the delicious Moroccan dishes and small sofas for the pleasure of the taste buds.
Lunches and dinners:
Lunches and dinners are composed of a variety of salads with tables or buffet followed by a fish entrance. Also on the menu are poultry and red meat accompanied by various vegetables. Desserts are offered a pastry and fruit, not to mention the famous “Lamb with truffles”. On holidays and Shabbat, meals are served at the table. During the mid-holidays, meals are served in buffet style.
On the first day of Hol Hamoed, a huge Barbecue is organized on the fabulous Golf restaurant. Your gaze embraces the Atlantic blue and the Green of one of the best golf courses in the world. You will enjoy for the most nostalgic TEHAN (spleen stuffed) as well as delicious liver sausage and a wide variety of skewers.
On the second day of Hol Hamoed, a fish Barbecue is planned. Tasting of wide variety of freshly caught fish: sardines, Pageot, sole… Children’s menus: specially prepared menus for children are offered for all meals.
Enjoying different Moroccan jams of carrots, tangerines, orange or even the jam with small eggplant scented with the taste of cloves. Pastries and candies in abundance with the famous mint tea in the sweetness of spring.
During the day:
A lounge is available throughout your days. You will find all kinds of drinks for you refresh. Coffees with aromas of the world. Smoothies, fruit juices, pastries, small snacks, fruit etc…
Great evening of Mimouna
The evening of Mimouna is proposed in three stages.
The first part :
A magical folklore evening, parade of folk troops from different regions of Morocco, Fantasia horses, camels.
Tasting of our “Jewish customs of Morocco” tasting of Moufleta, béghrére, doughnuts, cakes, bérkouks, couscous with milk…
The second part :
A dinner “Flavors of the World” with orchestra.
The third part :

And finally for the final bouquet, a very large buffet of fruits, pastries and desserts…

Join us for this memorable Passover and enjoy our 30 years of experience in organizing group trips
Entertainers and speakers:
Producer, Author, Singer and Chazan, YOSSI BAYLES has orchestrated musical magic for the last time. He has played for the most prestigious Jewish events and is now one of the best Jewish artists in the same way as MBD, Frits, Shewkey, Lipa, Elba and even Helfgot. Yossi’s international has allowed him to focus on Europe, Canada and the United States.

Lectures given & organised by by Professor Ari Afilalo

Our agency Sarah Tours:
Hidden dream travel creators. For more than twenty years we have created for dear customers and friends dreams trips and have met your Kashrut requirements to allow you to discover the world. Come and participate in our events with Sarah Tours.
Never far away and listening to you throughout your information steps and during your stay so that your moments spent with us are unforgettable.
We remain at your disposal do not hesitate to contact us.
We wish you a year full of escape and discovery of the world.
Cordial Chalom.

Rates & Details

For airport transportation outside this program you can book private transfers.
  • Full board
  • Transfers from Casablanca airport/hotel According to Sarah Tours program
  • The flight
  • Residence taxes
  • Optional Excursions
  • Cancellation, assistance and repatriation insurance
  • Tips, Extras

9 Reviews for Sarah Tours 2020 – El Jadida, Morocco


1 Reviews


5/ 5

My family and I have been fortunate to go away on many Passover programs. This program is ONE OF THE BEST, IF NOT THE BEST, WE HAVE EVER BEEN ON. First, getting to Casablanca from NYC is a direct and non-stop flight and upon landing, a shuttle brings you to the hotel. Mazagan is a 5 star resort on every level. The rooms are spacious and very comfortable. Simone honored all of our requests for our rooms. The property has many activities, for all ages: horseback and camel rides on the beach, ATV’s and paintballing. there is a farm loaded with animals. For the evening, there is a large casino. The food was always fresh and plentiful. The waiters were top-notch, always accommodating our requests. The Mimouna after Yom Tov was out of a movie – camels and horses outside and monkeys inside. The food was FRESH, not a collection of leftovers from the Chag. I would give this program, and Simone, 5 stars !!!!

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1 Reviews

Pesach Program

4.25/ 5

The resort was magnificent, and the food never-ending and delicious. I would have liked to have seen better preparations for yom tov with more siddurim available, a greater attention to details required by observant Jews (i.e. electric doors — I shouldn’t have needed to point that out before it was taken care of) and an array of speakers and shiurim on Shabbat and Yom Tov. Still, all-in-all, it was a great program.

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Orit mimoun

1 Reviews

Highly recommended !!!! Superior attention to details

1.25/ 5

This was our second program in Morocco and we will cherish it forever. From the moment we inquire until the moment we boarded the bus back to the airport Simone, Sandrine, Naomi and Maurice, roamed around the hotel and ensured everything is ok, and that we are not missing anything. This onsite involvement of the organizer essentially makes the difference, as the attention to details was simply amazing. Add to that the tours they organized in chol hamoed, and the great dining experience and you have a winner. But all could not be 100% if it wasn’t for the superb hotel! Mazagan Beach Resort is truly a 5 stars luxury hotel that offers multiple activities to fill the ‘yom tov’ days. Our kids had great time on the trampolines, car racing and paint ball course,, while we had a great time in the beautiful SPA.. We love Tennis and they have 4 RED CLAY courts. They also have walking trails around the property, and many other activities that we simply had no extra time to experience…. As stated in the header I recommend this particular program and am positive that you’ll have a fantastic experience as we did.

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Happy In New York

1 Reviews


4.75/ 5

This was by far the best Pesach we have ever had as a family. From the moment we walked into the hotel we were blown away. The hotel is a 10-star hotel, gorgeous amenities, and activities. we were never bored. The peasch program started out a little disorganized but by day 2 we had our personal waiter helping us with our every request, The food was delicious and there were so many choices at every meal. There was a buffet and plated food available and the bbq had every type of meat and fish you could wish for. The only complaint I would say is that I wished I spoke French or Arabic but we found people to help us. Our favorite part of the hotel was archery, horseback riding, quads, sand buggies, surfing, miniature golf…. wait so much was amazing. I 100% recommend this program.

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6 Reviews

kshsdfhsdjf dsjkfskdf

3.25/ 5

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1 Reviews

Best value possible

4/ 5

The hotel is magnificent. Clean, safe, beautiful, majestic. So many possible activities that we did not have time to do them all. There was plenty of food and it was delicious! The timing and length of meals was excellent, the kids dinner was ideal for… the kids (and few who stole their way in). I can elaborate on so many wonderful aspects of the program – from the price, to the pre-trip coordination. The tfilot options. The mimunah was out of this world – multiple competing bands of musicians, fire throwers, food, animals, music, dress-up. AMAZING!!!. The pool was clean and warm. The ocean beach was clean and well serviced. All the amenities at the hotel worked. The one place to improve is with the wait-staff. The language barrier is the biggest problem. The wait staff did not understand their work, was not able to communicate with us, and did not understand what we wanted. But they tried very very hard to work with and communicate as best as possible.

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1 Reviews

Fantastic Pesach in unique location

4.5/ 5

The hotel and staff did more than could have been expected for all of us. Beautiful hotel and location on the Atlantic Ocean. Windy and cool but still nice. This was a large program with 850+ people, and except in the big dining room,,you’d never know it. There was never an issue with service as the HOTEL (not the program helpers) was so well staffed. NO SHABBOS KEYS to rooms and little help to get in. . Lots of food for every taste, but sometimes, you had no idea what was coming or what the main course would be…..THE WINE WAS JUST AWFUL If you go to this program and you care about wine, pack your own as you wont want to drink their junk at all. Tea Room was also the breakfast room. Watching people take too much food was sad, especially on trip days when you had to figure out how to take your food for the day… Program staff was not particularly well organized, but the hotel staff more than made up for it. Nice gym and spa. People actually bought boxes of the towels as they were so great. Shirum were few and regular vacationers made up the entire davenig program which was split for Sefard and Askenaz. (maybe a few other splits too for syrians, israelis and who ever else made a break away minyan). The last night party – Moroccan Mimuna was just remarkable. More food, more entertainment, more noise and animals all over than you could imagine. Great excursions – best done in private groups as they are long days. Id go back to Mazagan and Morocco anytime!!!

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1 Reviews

Highly recommended

4.5/ 5

This was the perfect hotel for a pesach getaway. The grounds are huge and spacious. Pool is beautiful. Never have to fight for seats. Service from the hotel was more than u can ask for!!! The amount of activities the hotel has to offer was amazing!!! U Cld be busy at the hotel without leaving once!! Spa was a dream! (Highly recommend a hammam). The camp is run thru the hotel, not the program. My kids loved it! The counselors are extremely warm and caring and for the older kids there was non stop activities. As far as the hotel is concerned, I would go back for a regular vacation! Can’t ask for better! The program itself: food wise had a rough start the first couple of days but definitely picked up. They were beyond generous with the food, just wasn’t necessarily American style (massive salad buffets but most salads had fish or something interesting in it) meals always had a meat or chicken option. Basically to sum it up.. food is generous, although may not be ur taste ur never going hungry. Excursions: I highly recommend you do your own. The programs excursions were boring, exhausting and really didn’t maximize the places u visited. It’s comparable prices to go privately. Heads up: if you are not a large family they will put you at a table with a random family for the whole holiday. If you care, make sure to request a private table As a whole, had an amazing pesach and wld def go back.

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1 Reviews

Great Passover

3.75/ 5

Review of Passover at Mazagan Beach and Golf Resort in Morocco. The short story is that we had an amazing time. The longer story now: Mazagan sits on roughly 320 acres with 15 miles of beachfront. The hotel and its grounds are simply stunning. While there were close to 900 Passover guests the grounds and indoor hotel spaces didn’t seem overcrowded. There was an abundance of activities for adults and kids including: gorgeous pool, surfing, horseback riding, camel riding, bungee jumping, rock-wall climbing, go-karting, archery, paintball, and beach ATVs. The place is teeming with staff members who only want to please and take pleasure in your enjoyment of the resort. There is, of course, a language barrier with the staff which some people got frustrated with however, you are in Morocco it’s not Miami. You need to adjust. The Spa is also terrific with rooms overlooking the ocean, great treatments and traditional Moroccan hammam. The rooms are a nice size and neat with ample space for clothing including a large chest of drawers. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the towels. The towels, from the beach towels, pool towels, spa towels to the room towels were amazing. The weather ranged from the high 60’s to low 70’s. Because the sun was blazing hot it was hot in the sun and cool in the shade. So now on to more specifics: Kids club – my experience has been a kids program run through the Passover program but this was not the case here. Here you were to drop your child off at the hotel run kids club which while different seemed to be enjoyable for some kids. The staff was attentive and the activities engaging. But certainly different than a traditional Passover program kid’s program. The tea room – had a nice selection of cakes and cookies and a limited selection of candies. No hot food, no ice cream, no fruit dried or fresh and no nuts or chocolate. Really nothing special, but it was adequate, set up nicely, staffed and clean (except for the hands in the bowls, but there is not much you can do prevent that). Breakfast – The breakfast spread was good although could have benefited from additional omelet makers (only one) and actually edible pancake/waffles. One of the recurring challenges was that each day there was an excursion to a fabulous city in Morocco but instead of providing pre-boxed lunches people have to assemble their own from the breakfast foods which made breakfast frankly unenjoyable as you watch families pack food for what seems like the end of days. So if you are just there for breakfast you may wait 1/2 hour for inedible pancakes (they make them on the spot lest they turn to lead immediately) as the 8 year old is collecting 20 for his family. Lunch – Lunch tended to be a large BBQ buffet but heavily heavily fish laden. Now in thinking about the food offerings I think you have to keep in mind that this isn’t an American program and that what we might expect in terms of food offerings isn’t traditionally offered here or expected. There was a large variety at the (almost always meat) buffet lunch. Many many varieties of fish including freshly grilled fish that was caught that day. If you don’t eat fish your choices were more limited although there was usually and meat or chicken dish and salads. The salads could benefit from a lighter dressing hand and less stuff just thrown in – like cheeses (at dairy meals) and meats (at meat meals) and fish. Further, lines and crowds around the food stations and buffets were long and deep for the first half hour. Children’s Dinner – was usually hamburgers and hot dogs and some pasta or fish and potatoes. Again adequate. Dinner – Dinner service was, frankly, unique and surprising. Dinner usually began with a large buffet of salads and finger foods or an assortment of salads on the table. This was followed by lamb, chicken, beef that was served table-side by the waiters. This was a time-consuming process. No side dishes were served with these proteins. I am told this is typical in Morocco although I wasn’t convinced. The food was fine and sometimes very good. Menus on the table would have helped so we would know what to expect. Entertainment – Each night of Chol Hamoed had some sort of entertainment during dinner which including singing, a caftan fashion show, bingo and more. Mimouna – there are no words to describe the Mimouna. It was a spectacular event with local performers, camels, horses, cotton candy, moufleta, fresh donuts, pasta, breads. It was simply extraordinary. This was a great experience. We had a wonderful pesach.

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