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Entire Resort Exclusive for our guests, featuring 8 Unique Glatt Kosher Dining Options throughout the property and 6 luxuries bars, Guests can also expect to enjoy world class entertainment and exciting programming for the entire family throughout their stay. 

Passover 2022 at the Grand Hyatt Playa

Diamond Club Vacations:

For close to a decade Diamond Cub vacations has been organizing Passover programs at luxuries resorts in Mexico and the Caribbean, our dedication to offering the best in luxury kosher vacations has been enjoyed by hundreds of families and thousands of guests from all over the world. our dedicated team welcomes the opportunity and is looking forward to serving you once again for Passover 2022.

We are once again proud to present our Passover program at the luxuries five-star Grand Hyatt resort & spa set in the trendy city of playa del carmen, Mexico, which is just a short drive away from CUN international airport and within walking distance of the fabulous fifth avenue shopping strip, retreat to oceanfront rooms with balconies and suites with private plunge pools overlooking the turquoise Caribbean Sea. enjoy relaxing spa treatments and so much more.

Exceptional Gourmet Cuisine :

 Top notch gourmet cuisine prepared by our executive Chef Donny Rogoff, along with our talented culinary team of top chefs will tantalize your taste buds and satisfy your every whim, while delighting even the most discerning of palates. as always, Diamond Club will accommodate a full range of special dietary needs and concerns. our guests will experience eight unique dining options daily and six luxury bars throughout the resort, a fully stocked tea room, daily children’s dining room options, and much more.

Cuisine Highlights Include:

  •  Theme crafted meals
  • In house, on-site Passover bakery
  • Daily beach side food court & BBQ
  • Elaborate tea room/lounge
  • Kosher-for-Passover bars, cafes and lounges
  • Daily ice cream and coffee shop
  • Children’s dining room daily
  • Beach and poolside beverage service
  • Sushi bar open daily
  • Highest standard of kashrut
  • Chalav Yisroel
  • Chalak Bet Yoseph
  • Glatt Kosher

Diamond Club Entertainment 

We are excited feature top of the line world-class entertainment, including music, and exciting shows every night. There will also be cigar rolling, nightly DJ parties, poker tournaments, wine tasting, and many more fun activities for the entire family.

Diamond Club Children’s program: 

We have created a name for ourselves for offering the very best kids’ program in the Pesach business. Your children will blossom, laugh & be entertained by an action-packed schedule, filled with an array of exciting activities and events. We welcome back our Day Camp Director, Mrs. Ariana Mizrahi of the JYC at Ramaz, together with her highly qualified counselors and staff. Ariana and her team will lead the day camp in sports, games, live shows, and evening entertainment.  Our kids’ programming ensures that families can make the most of their vacation. we offer morning, afternoon and nighttime camp programs for various age groups. With our convenient camp times and earlier children’s dinning option – both parents and kids are sure to enjoy, Ourstaff will always keep your kids happy providing you with the peace of mind you deserve and a memorable family vacation.

Looking forward to hosting you once again for what will surely be a spectacular Passover vacation

6 Reviews for Diamond Club Passover Program 2022 at the Grand Hyatt, Playa Del Carmen Resort & Spa


1 Reviews

Overall nice program but a lot of shlepping

4.0/ 5

As reviewers above commented, the food on the program was great and plentiful. We have never seen such amazing Passover desserts on any program we have ever gone on…really amazing! However, we were not thrilled with other aspects of the program— namely, the kids program or the amenities at the hotel. First, the kids program was only good for young children who needed babysitting services rather than a camp experience. The kids program was more like a kids group at shul versus summer camp in mentality and execution. The planned activities for older kids were unimaginative and boring. After the first day, my kids refused to go to camp with good reason. Second, the entertainment basically consisted of Jewish or Israeli singers which got repetitive and boring after the second act. We wish they would have varied up the entertainment a little. There was one evening with a hypnotist which was definitely a good break. The hotel is very large and not easy to get around with little kids especially if you don’t take a tram on Shabbat or Yom tov. There was a lot of walking and shlepping. Nothing is close by. It is approximately a 10 minute walk from the banquet hall where meals are served to the pool. You can wait for a tram but they are slow to show up. You may end up waiting 15-30 minutes for a tram. Additionally, you need to carry your pool towels to the pool each day and change them out to have clean towels for the following day. This made the whole experience less relaxing because we were shlepping six heavy towels to the pool and back each day. If you are bringing little kids (under the age of 10), I recommend you bring a scooter for them to get around the hotel. Otherwise you will have kids kvetching the whole time about walking back and forth. We were given this advice and brought two scooters. Unfortunately, one was stolen at the beginning of the trip so beware and take your scooter into the banquet hall with you. Outside of the block of rooms reserved for this program is one of the nicest beaches we have ever visited. Unfortunately, in order to get a drink or anything else from the program, we needed to walk back to the mini lobby or pool bar. There was nothing set up on the beach to make it convenient for guests on the program. This is different from other programs we have been on and an easy fix for those in charge. Lastly, the gym at the hotel is very old with very old treadmills. If you are looking to work out in the morning before your kids wake up, it is not an option at this hotel. The gym doesn’t open until after 8 at which point there is a huge line to use the 4 or 5 treadmills available.

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1 Reviews


5.0/ 5

One of the best Pesach programs, if not the best. that we have ever been on. And we always look for high quality. Everything was organized perfectly -and went smoothly. The best and most beautiful beach and weather of any program, including all of the Mexico programs, etc.. Entertainment nightly was the best ever including Shulem, Eli Beer, and Shai Lapidot, performing alone or together. Food and kiddush and tea rooms were all perfect. Most important – everyone (900+ people) was happy – there were zero complaints! A pleasure to be with such a big and happy crowd in a spacious hotel on the ocean Definitely want to go back asap.

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Owner Response

Sidney, Thank you so much for your kind words. It was a pleasure having you and your wife join us and we look forward to welcoming you back again and again.


1 Reviews

Loved it!!!

5.0/ 5

This is my second year here and as much as I loved last year (obviously, since I returned), this year was even better. The food was delicious. Never was a shortage of anything. Constant abundance of great food and great service. There was never a time I felt I was hungry and had to wait for the next meal. Each meal was set up so that when it ended another meal started. And if that wasn’t enough, there were always two different l uh nchs options at two different locations so it was convenient for everyone. Then there was the tea room which was spectacular. A great place to hang out and socialize and relax with music and entertainment after a wonderful dinner even if you didnt go there for the mouthwatering desserts. The ambiance and decor was simply amazing. Also, the people that ran the program are wonderful. They were always available to help, quick to respond and were on top of every aspect of the program. In conclusion, the whole atmosphere was spectacular, and G-d willing i will undoubtedly return for passover 2020!

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Owner Response

We love that you keep coming back. It means we are doing something (or everything) right! Thank you for your review and see you at dcpc2020


1 Reviews


5.0/ 5

This is the program to go to if you are looking for perfection. This is the program to go to if you’re looking for an exotic beach, endless family activities, a phenomenal day camp, and a romantic setting. This is the program to go to if you don’t like waiting in lines for food, (seriously impressed with “our people”, specifically referring to no one pushing or cutting in line like it was post Tisha b’Av fast). This is a program for anyone who is Jewish, whether they wear a black hat or a beach hat…it’s a completely judgement free zone (although I do think my waiter may have been judging my lack of portion control). He didn’t explicitly say so, but then again there was a language barrier between us so he may have. This is a program where your Dominican waiters are enthusiastically celebrating Israel with you as they wave Israeli flags and dance to “Am Yisroel Chai”. Logistics: The program operator, Avrumy Jordan has perfected the system. Everything runs on schedule, food stations are strategically designed to flow (I never had to wait throughout the 120 meals during the 10 day holiday). Given the resort is massive, he had positioned bars, snacks, and an ocean view restaurant (that has everything you could possibly crave) throughout the property so you have easy access. There is not a wrapper to be found, everything was clean and refilled promptly. From arrival through departure every aspect of our trip was carefully thought out and executed with precision and with pleasure. Food: Everything was presented beautifully and was appetizing, amazing, and abundant. Resort: Invest in a good pair of walking shoes, it’s like a junior Disneyland, they even have a trolley should you desire to start your day at a water park, then swim with the dolphins, move on to play a round of golf, or go bowling, shopping, then go for a swim in one of their 5? pools (I lost count), head on over to the beach, and if you’d like, end your day off at the casino that includes a kosher for pesach bar. Beach: Breathtaking, warm, calm waters, lifeguards, free water sports. Program: Joel doesn’t go light on meat, day camp, and entertainment. I wouldn’t say he goes light on any aspect of the program, but it’s clear those 3 are critical to him. The meat was really good quality meat, unlike we have ever had. When it came to entertainment, it wasn’t about who the hottest musician was, it was about who would bring the right energy to the program. While my son only went to day camp on the last day, I observed the counselors and they were very responsible, kind, and full of spirit. Joel knows what he is doing, fiscally speaking, in keeping the price fair for the consumer, and wisely spending where it counts. Overall I would highly recommend this program for anyone with high expectations, anyone looking for a good time, and for anyone looking for a solid value.

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Owner Response

WOW! Thank you for this incredible endorsement. We are so happy you and your family enjoyed it and took advantage of all we have to offer. We will make sure that all our staff receive this feedback. It will make them all smile knowing how much all their hard work was appreciated. We hope to welcome you back again.

Chaya F.

1 Reviews

Incredible Experience

5.0/ 5

This program was phenomenal in every respect. The location was beautiful, the resort had so many free activities on site (snorkeling, kayaking, boating, multiple water parks) and the day camp was great too, there was also a built in option of having a sitter each night for a small fee which we really appreciated. The food was plentiful and delicious and there were a lot of healthy options including a massive build your own salad bar with various greens, grilled veggies, and proteins. Every day there were both dairy or meat options for lunch. The dairy lunch was served in the grand ballroom where breakfast and dinner was also served, but the program also took over a restaurant overlooking the pools and beach where there was a massive meat buffet opened each day from 1:00-5:00. We had lunch there every day, right after we spent the morning swimming and ate overlooking the ocean.. we appreciated not having to shlep back to the convention center for lunch and often we would eat lunch and then swim again and do an early dinner there too. The options changed every day- different meats and fish, creative salads and side dishes a huge candy bar for the kids, a fabulous drink bar. One other perk we loved was that there was an unlimited kosher for pesach bar right in the pool area so you did not have to go back to the convention center for lunch, or a nice cocktail. They also had a coffee station, unlimited popsicles, snacks and drinks set up in the hotel lobby, so you didn’t have to go back to the convention center for snacks or a drink. Having easy access to coffee first thing in the AM or snacks mid day without having to walk anywhere was a huge plus. The program was very, very well staffed and everyone from the wait staff, to the program hosts, were attentive and responsive. The crowd is very diverse, leaning toward very modern with a handful of yeshuvishe families sprinkled in. It was the nicest crowd of people. Very friendly, very easygoing, a really fun crowd. This was our first year going away and we were blown away and would highly recommend- especially if you have kids! Also- the resort has beautiful, wild peacocks. My kids were obsessed!

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Owner Response

Chaya, thank you for your comments. We are so happy that you feel this way. We try our best and are glad that your family enjoyed every moment. Looking forward to seeing you back soon.

6 Reviews

It was the best ever for the second yr . Not one complain.

5.0/ 5

Place is huge. Lots of entrtemant one better then other. Great and lots of different food

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  • $$$$
  • Price Range 12000 - 20000

Additional Details

  • Pesach Program Features: Beach Front, Non-Gebruchts, Shmurah Matzo, Mixed Swimming, Mixed Crowd, Daily Poolside Barbecue, Pizza Shop, Pool, Jacuzzi, Boating, Fitness Center, Spa, 5 Star hotel
  • Entertainment on your Passover Vacation:Shulem Lemmer! Elon Gold! Lior Suchard!
  • Pesach Program Scholar in Residence:Rabbi Lawrence Hajioff
  • Passover Programs Catering / Chef:Donny Rogoff
  • Kashrus / Pesach Hotel Kosher Certified by:Rabbi Berl Simpser / IKM
  • Passover Vacations Nearby Attractions:Chichén Itzá, Isla Mujeres, Playa Tortugas,
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  • Nearest Airports to your Passover Hotel:CUN