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Vered In Croatia

We had a fabulous Pesach at the leisure time program in Fiuggi, Italy. Beautiful setting, delicious, abundant, but not over-the-top food, wonderful program Rabbi (Rabbi Yossi Fachler of London,) sophisticated outings, good Baal Tfilla (but way too much talking during Tfilla,) would have liked More shiurim. Having done Pesach in all forms; home alone, home with Family, gone to Family, made Pesach In way-out places, israel, I must say that all have advantages. After making Pesach so many times, I know what it involves, and am happy to go away, but I Think that it important to not go away every single year. Pesach is hard work, but an experience that everyone needs to have because there is joy in the mitzva, especially when one can, b”h, put matzah on the table. Pesach programs are very enjoyable, but they are way out of reach to so many of our fellow community members. I am grateful to have had this opportunity.

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