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Made Pesach Enjoyable Again

My family and I have been to several Pesach Programs over the years, and all were better than doing it yourself at home. But the last number of years we have been going to "Upscale", some by ourselves, and some with the children and grandchildren. Firstly, the program is absolutely first rate, with nothing missing. Having said that, it is also very Heimish and down to earth with both the people they attract and their entire attitude towards serving you and Pesach. They is never a shortage of hand made shmura matzah, plenty of wines from all over the world, besides the usual meat options, there is also vegetarian and fish at all meals. The 24 hour 'tea' room is in reality well stocked with vegetables, fruits, nosh, candies, drinks, and yes.............even some tea. The 'in house' Rabbi Aaron Selevan and his fantastic wife Rebbetzin Leslie Selevan, are both down to earth, knowledgeable, and always available ....(.i don't think they even sleep!)., The grandkids totally loved the full service and staffed camp. It is not a baby sitting service, but a real camp. They have sports and yom tov activiities, but also day trips to surrounding area by private buses. There is even a carnival with games and jumping balloon house on site, with face painting and all..............included! They even have special kid friendly menus that are so good the adults usually join in too. Every year they bring in new and exciting lecturers from all over the world to speak on a broad range of topics, yes , there is Daf Yomi and serious text study classes also. During Chol Hamoed there are trips for adults to all the surrounding areas with events to do such as Baseball games, Theater, winery tours (kosher!). Niagara Falls is very close by as are numerous other tourist spots that are so enjoyable. I, myself, love the Niagara College Campus across the street with their large greenhouse filled with flowers and the hiking trails up the mountain ridge in the back of them. The only complaint I have ever heard is .......................that there is too much food, but no program can be perfect!

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