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Amazing Pesach both times!

Pesach at with Upscale Getaways in Canada is amazing. My entire family has gone two years in a row and we are planning on going for our third year. The first, and most amazing part, is the food. I have never seen so much food, cooked so well, with so much variety, at a pesach program. The waitstaff are amazing, the are great with kids and will even grab things from the kitchen or specially cook food if you have a picky eater! My two year old would only eat french fries and chicken nuggets the entire trip and they cooked it especially for him for each meal! The next amazing part is the kids program. I literally dropped my children off at 9am daily and picked them up in time for meals and they were begging to go back. My daughter even woke up early just so she would be ready in time to get to groups first thing in the morning and not be late! We have been so happy at this program and trust me we have been to a few and this is really the best one so far!.

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