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Great Pesach!

I just came back from Pesach in the Northeast and it was fabulous! Gorgeous hotel and gracious, lovely staff - both the people at the hotel and the waiters. The Tea Room was ridiculous (always serving ice cream, slurpees, fruit, and candies) in this adorable cafe space that was simply charming. I'm annoyed that I didn't take any pictures, but the ones on their website are 100% accurate. Interestingly, I found their dairy meals even more delicious than their meat ones (gnocchi in a vodka sauce and omelet bars, hello?!) but my family liked the meat ones better so "ta'am v'rayach..." As a parent of small children, I do wish they would have had the kid-friendly programs begin earlier in the evening, before bedtime. Some of the workshops, classes, and concerts were better than others. All in all, though, the program is at a picturesque hotel (they had this tent with chandeliers and fairy lights), serves a variety of yummy foods, features cute activities for kids (they set up a really nice swing set in the shade), and demonstrates a really impressive attention to detail. Yasher Koach, Pesach in the Northeast! I would go back in a heartbeat!

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